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Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri



Brewer Peder Zacho Hansen.



English floormalt. American and Czech hops

5,0, light brown red, "Baltazar Årgang 2013", 7,2% - - 2013 Ebeltoft Baltazar

I am triple

Barley-, wheat- and outmalt.

5,0, yellow, I am triple, 9,3% - - 2018 Ebeltoft I am triple


English malt and american hops.

5,0, green, I.P.A., "Opfundet i himlen", 6,1% - - 2019

Ebeltoft IPA


French Farmhouse Ale.

5,0, orange, "French Farmhouse Ale", 6% - - 2020

Ebeltoft Saison

Ujamaa Brown Ale

Made from the same recipe as Nibe Bryghus and Humlehøjens Bryghus has used.

On the market in 2009. Three brewers has chosen to brew the same beer, with the same recipie. But the brewing is done on three different types of equipment. With three different results.

Brewer Antoni Madsen, Nibe Bryghus, Peder Zacho Hansen, Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri, and homebrewer Søren Holmgaard, Humlehøjens Bryghus, has on there 1000 litres, 360 litres and 25 litres brewequipment made a "Ujamaa Brown Ale".

Ujamaa is swahili and means to do things in community.

5,0, light brown, drawing om hands together, brew 64, 6%, - - 2009 Ebeltoft Ujamaa Brown Ale



5,0, yellow, logo, 5,3%, - - 2020 Ebeltoft Weissbier

Wildflower I.P.A.


5,0, red with yellow flower, logo, 5,3%, - - 2020 ower IPA