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Bryggeriet Frejdahl  

Bryggeriet Frejdahl has no brewfacilities. The brewery is founded 2015, at the beers are brewed at Bryggeriet Vestfyen. Frejdahl is founded as a cooperation between Jim Lyngvild and Bryggeriet Vestfyen.


Alfheim - Fjalar

Named after the dwarf Fjalar in the nordic sagas. Together with his brother Galar he kill the good Kvaser.

1,0,I, black-blue, Hvedeøl, logo, 4,8% - - 2021 Frejdahl Alfheim Fjalar

Alfheim - Galar

Named after the dwarf Galar in the nordic sagas. Together with his brother Fjalar he kill the good Kvaser.

1,0,I, sort-rød, Red Ale, logo, 4,8% - - 2020 Frejdahl Alfheim Galar


Aged in Moscatel barrels.

27,0,I, black, Viking Voyage, logo"Fynsk luksusøl skabt af...", Special Edition, 12% - - 2018 Frejdahl Brunhild


Named after the dwarf Fjalar in the nordic sagas.

1,0,I, green, logo, "hvedeøl", "En lille flaske fyldt med..", 4,8% - - 2019 Frejdahl Fjalar


Named after the goddess Fulla with the golden ribbon around her head.

1,0,I, white-golden, logo, "'økologisk luksusøl", 5,7% - - 2020 Frejdahl Fulla


Barley Wine inspirered beer, with sherrycaskstored danish mead. Danish pilsnermalt and dark carameltmalt. Galaxy and amarillohumle.

Herja means her who kills and are the name of a valkyrie in nordic mythology.

27,0,I, grey, logo, "Fynsk luksusøl skabt af...", Øl No2, 8% - - 2015 Frejdahl Herja


Rye beer.

1,0,I, brown-black, logo, "Økologisk luksusøl", No2, 5,2% - - 2019 Frejdahl Nidhug

Skolder edition 2

Barrelstored for 12 months on Highland Park casks. Added Highland Park Dragon Legend single malt whiskey. The word Skolder comes from the Orkney Islands, which was one of the first places the Vikings settled..

27,0,I, green, logo, "Dragon of the north", 6% - - 2020 Frejdahl skolder