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Fur Bryghus



The adventure began i 2002, where managing director Mogens Fog got the idea for a brewery in the old molerfactory. The factory has been unused in 25 years.

December 2004 was the first beers ready for sale.

Introduced december 2004 / january 2005
28,AA,I, redbrown-blue, backgroundpicture of a fossil dragon fly, unpasteurized, 5,3%, FR001 - - 2005 Fur Ale FR001 2005
28,AA,I, redbrown-blue, backgroundpicture of a fossil dragon fly, "Øl brygget af vand fra Fur...", 5,3%, FR-, - - 2006 Fur Ale  2006

Alkoholfri Påske Ale
28,AA,I, yellow-green, ufiltred, 0,5%, - - 2020 Fur Alkoholfri Påske Ale

Introduced december 2004 / january 2005
28,AA,I, bluish, backgroundpicture of a fossil crane fly, unpasteurized, 7,6%, FR002 - - 2005 Fur Bock FR002 2005

Bryggernissen -Fjerritslev Julebryg
Label made for " Renes Vin og Grønt" i Fjerritslev.
28,0,I, red, drawing of Santa Claus, 6,2%, - - 2011 Fur Bryggernissen

Introduced december 2004 / january 2005
28,AA,I, grøngul, backgroundpicture of a fossil zygopt, unpasteurized, 5,6%, FR003 - - 2005 Fur Hvede FR003 2005

Introduced november 2005. A dark beer with hints of chocolade in the aftertaste.
28,AA,I, white-blue, backgroundpicture of a fossil spruce twig, 6,5%, FR004 - - 2005 Fur Julebryg FR004 2005

Introduced november 2016. A lightbeer with taste of hops and licorice.
28,AA,I, red, backgroundpicture of a herringfossil, 2,7%, - - 2016 Fur Julefrokost

Three labelbeers for Kimbrerfestens Pengeynglere in Aars, Denmark 2016/2017.
28,AA,I, brown, drawing of a Kimbrerwarrior, Ale, 5,3% - - 2016 Fur Kimbrerøl Ale
28,AA,I, green, drawing of a Kimbrerwarrior, Bock, 7,6% - - 2016 Fur Kimbrerøl Bock
28,AA,I, black, drawing of a Kimbrerwarrior, Renæssance, 6,2% - - 2016 Fur Kimbrerøl Renæssance

Brewed and bottled for CKS Ebeltoft by Fur Bryghus. Brown Ale type.
28,AA,I, background picture of Ebeltoft old Town Hall, "Ebeltoft Bryghus", neck "Molbo", "Ebeltoft Bryghus", 6,2% - - 2007 Fur Molbo

Renæssance 2006
On occasion of the renaissanceyear 2006. The shape of the snails inspired the europain matematiks Fibonacci for his famous series of numbers 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34 - the principal for "The Golden Section" in the renaissance art.
28,AA,I, white-gray, backgroundpicture 55 mio old wingsnail, 6,2%, FR005 - - 2006 Fur Renæssance FR005 2006
28,AA,I, white-gray, backgroundpicture 55 mio old wingsnail, 6,2%, Brown Ale - - 2020 Fur Renæssance

Royal Oyster
For Glyngøre Shellfish. Brewed with oysters from the Limfjorden.
28,AA,I, white-gray, backgroundpicture oysters, "Let Stout", XO, 5,0%, - - 2018 Fur Royal Oyster

Third generation of the Single Hop Beers from Fur.
28,AA,I, bluegreen,backgroundpicture hops, 5,4%, - - 2018 Fur Simcoe

Steam Beer
On occasion of the year "Industriel Culture 2007" in Denmark. On the marked 29. januar 2007.

An old molerlocomotive is on the label. Bottom fermented - but by extra high temperature. Brewed on three different malts, one is caramalt. With both bitterhops and aromahops.

28,AA,I, white-red brown, "Industri Kultur 07", 7,8%, - - 2006 Fur steam Beer

Vulcano Julebryg
Already from the first beer was produced was the Vulcano-name ready, as a beer only to be enjoyed at the brewery. In 2009 was in used as a special serie for stores. Julebryg was introduced in 2010.
28,AA,I, red, neck red "Fur", 6,2%, - - 2010 Fur Vulcano Julebryg