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Kissmeyer Beer and brewing



Licensbrewery founded 2011 by Anders Kissmeyer, who is the former owned of Nørrebro Bryghus in Copenhagen.

Kissmeyer Beer and Brewing is a Denmark based company, launched in 2010 after the main man ended his 10 year career with Nørrebro Bryghus. The company spans over three main areas of business - Kissmeyer Beer is a, award-winning, multifaceted brewing project spearheading the Nordic Beer movement, and collaborating with the best breweries around the world, Kissmeyer Brewing is a consultancy business offering services related mainly to the brewing industry. Finally, under the name Kissmeyer Communications offering a wide range of services incl. beer tastings and presentations.


Eagle Kissme
Session IPA. Hops Green Bullet, Motueka, Pacific Gem, Nelson Sauvin.
5,0, black-yellow, K, , 4,2% - - 2020 Kissmeyer Eagle Kissme

Fruit IPA
Can, 50cl, purple orange, Kissmeyer, Fruit IPA, 5,5% - - 2019 Kissmeyer Fruit IPA

Into the Black
Black IPA.
5,0, black gray, Kissmeyer, Into the black, 7% - - 2020 Kissmeyer Into the black

Session IPA
Can, blue, Kissmeyer, Session IPA, 4% - - 2019 Kissmeyer Strange Fruit Tripel

Stockholm Syndrome
Imperial Double IPA.
5,A,I, blue, white writing, Kissmeyer, "Stockholm Syndrome", 9,5% - - 2020 Kissmeyer Stockholm Syndrome

Strange Fruit Tripel
US Belgo Tripel.
5,A,I, green, white writing, Kissmeyer, "US Belgo Tripel", "Dry, complex...", 9,5% - - 2017 Kissmeyer Strange Fruit Tripel

West Coast Pale Ale
Brewed by Ørbæk Bryggeri.
5,A,I, green - red, white writing, "Classic Pale Ale", "Øl, Beer, Bière", 6,0% - - 2012 Kissmeyer West Coast