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Ugly Duck Brewing Co.

Part of Indslev Bryggeri


Established march 2012. A new brand and a whole new line up by Indslev Bryggeri.

They wish to show the diversity of beers and are already known for their high consistent level. It is this level of skill they wish to adapt on the Ugly Duck brand and brew solid and well hopped ales and lagers, porters and stouts, Belgian style beers and bretted and cask conditioned ones as well.

To develop the beers and the brand Indslev contacted Martin Jensen, founder of Raasted Bryghus and one of the veterans in the Danish craft beer industry.

Was taken over by Vestfyen autum 2018, together with Indslev.

Cremy Hoppy Ugly Hornale
Cooperation between Hornbeer and Ugly Duck.

5,0, the painting "Nattens Dronning", 5,6%, - - 2013

Hornbeer Ugly Cremy Hoppy

Belgian style dubbel
27,0,V, brown, Danish Craft Beer, 7,2% - - 2013

Foxy Brown
Introduced 2014. Brown Ale.
27,0,V, brown, "Brown Ale", Danish Craft Beer, 5,9% - - 2015

Funk You
Ale with Brettanomyces Lamicus.
27,0,V, yellow-brown, "ale brewed with Brettanomyces Lamicus", Danish Craft Beer, 6,5% - - 2013

Hoppy Christmas
27,0,V, red, Danish Craft Beer, 5,9% - - 2013

Imperial Vanilla Coffee Porter
Hops: Magnum, Nelson Sauvin. Malts: Pilsner, Caramel, Rye, Oats, Chocolate, Black, Vanilla and coffee.
27,0,V, black-light green, Danish Craft Beer, 10% - - 2012
27,0,V, brown, flowers, 9,5% - - 2018

IPA Amarillo
Humler: Amarillo og Citra
27,0,V, white, Danish Craft Beer, 5,9% - - 2013
27,0,V, green-yellow, IPA, Amarillo & Citra, 5,9% - - 2013

IPA Simcoe
Humler: Simcoe og Chinook
27,0,V, white, Danish Craft Beer, 5,9% - - 2013
27,0,V, green-yellow, IPA, Amarillo & Citra, 5,9% - - 2013

Miami Vice
A tribute to the tv-serie Miami Vice.
27,0,V, pink, drawing of a white car, Danish Craft Beer, 4,8% - - 2013

Humler: Sorati, Citra og Cascade. Brygget til ære for Henrik Papsø, der har smagt 25.000 øl.
27,0,V, drawing of Henrik Papsø on a desert island, Danish Craft Beer, 7,5% - - 2013

Hvedemalt, bygmalt, brun farin.
27,0,V, white, hammer and sickle, Imperial Wheat Stout, Danish Craft Beer, 8,9% - - 2013

Rye Porter
27,0,V, black, checkerboard, Danish Craft Beer, 7,8% - - 2013

Barrelaged Golden Sour.
27,0, black, golden horse, 10,4% - - 2020

Ugly Christmas
Introduced 2012. Imperial Brown Ale.
27,0,V, creme-red-black, duckbill with hat, Danish Craft Beer, 7,5% - - 2013