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Usserød Bryggeri  

Established 1859. In 1970 did the production of beer end, the production of appel juice continues some years.
The Brewey bought in 1989 Lolland-Falster Bryghus. They brewed, until 1993, beer in the name of Usserød Bryggeri in the city
Nykøbing Falster, where that production stopped as well.

The name Usserød Bryggeri is still being used on Holmetoften 9 in Hørsholm, where there first was a production of appel juice, and since 2016 brewing of craft-soda.

Produced at Lolland Falster Bryghus.
1,A, black, Klasse A, neck Danmax Mester - - 1989 Usserød Danmax
1,A, blue, Klasse A neck Danmax Mester, 5,7% - - 1991 Usserød Danmax

Danmax Pilsner
Produced at Lolland Falster Bryghus.
1,A, green, Klasse 1, neck Danmax Pilsner - - 1992 Usserød Danmax

Jule Bryg
Produced at Lolland Falster Bryghus.
1,A, blue-gold, three spruce, falling star, neck blue, "JuleBryg", "1859", 5,7% - - 1990 Usserød Jule Bryg

Produced at Harboe. For Karlebo. KIF and KIFs Venner.
9,A, white, red robe, mill, neck "fra Ven til Ven", old dekl - - year?? Usserød Karlebryg

Produced for Mercedes. No breweryname, but the label indicated that the beer is brewed by Harboe.
9,C, blue, "Mercedes pilsner", Klasse 1, old dekl, neck Mercedes Total transport, - - year?? Usserød Mercedes

Produced at Harboe and later at Lolland Falsters Bryghus
9,C, silver-green, red crown, 1859, neck "Usserød", Kl. 1, - - 1985 Usserød Pilsner
1,A, mat-silver-green, red crown, 1859, neck "Usserød", Kl. 1, Usserød Bryggeri 4800 - - 1989 Usserød Pilsner

PO Guld
Produced at Harboe
9,A, black-gold, neck "Livet er smukt", - - 1985 Usserød PO Guld

Prima Skibsøl
1,C, green-red, hopflower, ship on both labels - - year?? Usserød Prima Skibsøl

Påske Bryg
Produced at Lolland Falster Bryghus
1,A, orange-green, 2 chickens, Kl. A, - - 1990 Usserød Påske Bryg

Stærk Nordlys
Produced at Lolland Falster Bryghus.
1,A, blue, iceberg, Klasse B, 7,5% - - 1989 Usserød Stærk Nordlys

Vib Pilsner
Produced at Lolland Falster Bryghus.. Vib Pilsner is over the years made on a variety of breweries in Denmark.
1,A, grøn, Hånd Bajer, Pilsner øl, 4,6% - - 1990 Usserød Vib Pilsner