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Browerij der Trappisten van Westmalle,



The trappist Monastery is founded in 1794. They have brewed beer since 1836.


Dubbel. Bière Trappiste, Trappistenbier.

6,5 %. 12 a 14C.

Dubbel, 2001.

Top fermented. 7,0%.

Dubbel, 2006.

Top fermented. 7,0%.

The Extra is only brewed twice per year and is normaly only for internal use: the monks and guests of the abbey drink this beer at lunch.
Extra, 2013.

4,8 %.

The first tripel in Belgium.
Tripel, 2001.

Top fermented. 9,0%.

Tripel, 2002.

Top fermented. 9,5%.

Tripel, 2008.

Top fermented. 9,5%.